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Review of WIM Tijana Blagojevic

Coach Tijana

As a 1564 Lichess Rapid "Adult Improver" over the last 3 months I am improving by around 20 rating points a month. Each lesson is focused on developing a specific skill. The openings I now play are solid, suit my approach, are simple to follow and are winning! She leverages technology to make my learning very efficient. I have hired many coaches (Piano, Karate, Workouts, in Sales) for me and my children. She is the best coach I have ever worked with.

Review of WIM Tijana Blagojevic

Coach Tijana

WIM Tijana is a fantastic coach - she taught my 4.5 year son and he really enjoyed the classes. The classes were structured into two halves - one game each followed by analysis of the best moves at every stage. She went through specific openings in detail till my son understood the concepts well. He also picked up good notation ability and several interesting lines. She is very patient and explains well. Highly recommended for everyone.

Review of WIM Tijana Blagojevic

Coach Tijana2

I've been working with WIM Tijana on my game for almost 6 months now. She has been been nothing short of being phenomenal. I am now going to be taking an Advanced (Group) Class with her for students rated (1900 to 2000+). I highly encourage all students in the (Expert) level range to take this class. (Also i believe a website will be setup shortly). looking at small group sessions w/approx. 6+ ppl (with more than one section available).


You can enroll to group lessons with credits 1 credit = 1 group lesson. Whenever you purchase a bundle you receive a consultation call with one of our coaches for FREE. They'll help you choose which lessons to enroll in.

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